Potluck dishes that will impress family & friends

Potlucks can be a bit stressful when you can't decide what dish to bring along or if you're not feeling all that confident with your cooking skills. Even though food might seem to be the reason for the get together, it's actually all about catching up with family and friends and an excuse for a gathering! If by chance, you are looking for a couple potluck ideas, here's 10 we hope will help inspire you.

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10 ways to add more vegetables into your day

There are many people who have grown tired of the phrase 'you need to include more vegetables into your diet'. Often the reasons behind this are that vegetables are viewed as 'boring', 'bland', 'just too hard to cook with'. But the ironic part is, they aren't. In fact, there are many easy and delicious ways to increase our vegetable intake, it's just that we need to find out what those tips and tricks are! Here are 10 of these tips:

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10 Easy Ways To Add More Fruit To Your Day

Not everyone likes to cook. In fact, for some cooking can be seen as a source of stress and an absolute pain. Always dreading making a mess, injuring themselves, and wondering if they, and their kitchens, may be still standing after they've finished.

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Did You Know You Can Spot A Fad Diet At A Thousand Paces?

It's summer and some people feel the pressure to look good at this time of the year. Magazines at supermarket checkouts are not short of pictures of celebrities looking fabulous. And those diets and tips on how to lose those extra pounds or how to look great are everywhere on the internet, magazines and television. So, what should we believe? Here are ten ways to spot a fad that don't work long term.

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10 Salad Ideas For Your BBQs

We are well into summer and we've definitely had some pretty awesome days for barbecues over the last couple of months. Here's hoping for more of that fine weather for us to enjoy more barbecues, time at the beach, water and the great outdoors.

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Perfect Picnic Food For The Kids Or Grandkids

Take advantage of the summer weather and head outdoors with a full wicker basket in hand. Picnics are a fun way to keep kids (or grand kids) happy and entertained. If they are going through a fussy stage, consider the following suggestions.

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12 Ways To Keep Cool On A Hot Summer's Day!

We are well into summer and there has definitely been some warm days. Keeping cool when temperatures get up there isn't just about comfort. We need to be well hydrated to avoid risks of dehydration and heat-related illnesses. These tips can help you keep cool during the warm summer days.

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Looking And Feeling Good Beyond 60

According to a new poll, the best years of a woman’s life start once she is over 50, with 92% of fifty somethings surveyed saying they are, “happier than ever”. We can’t control getting older but we can control how we do it. The most important thing any woman can do as the years go by, is to maintain health and well-being. Anti-aging isn’t about trying to stay 25 forever but about looking and feeling good for the age that you are. Consider the following food and exercise tips to help feel your best.

Eating For Menopause

Like time and tides, nothing is more certain - all women will experience menopause at some stage in their life. Symptoms vary from person to person but the most common symptoms include; hot flushes, sweating, insomnia, anxiety, poor memory and fatigue. Long term consequences linked to reduced estrogen levels can include a decline in libido, osteoporosis, heart disease and even dementia.

I Don't Eat Dairy. How Do I Make Sure I Get Enough Calcium?

We know calcium is essential for strong bones and teeth and therefore it’s really important to get enough of it once we hit 50, but did you know that it’s also super important for healthy heart function, blood pressure regulation and has been shown to help with insulin sensitivity! The recommended daily intake of calcium for women over 50 years is 1300 mg whereas men 1000 mg (for 51-70 years) and 1300 mg (over 70 years). So if you don’t eat dairy how do you get enough? Here are 5 ways to get more non-dairy sources of calcium into your diet:

Losing Weight Is Usually Not Good News When You Are 60+

Bizarrely after a lifetime on trying to lose weight for many, unintentional weight loss is relatively common among those of us who are 60 and above. Researchers have found that slightly heavier older adults have fewer health problems than those who are very thin.On the other hand of course, there are many of us who could benefit from losing some weight. If it is hard for you to move around because of aching hips or knees or your diabetes is getting worse, some weight loss may well help. Discuss this with your doctor.

Common Myths On Juicing

Fruit and vegetables are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, fiber and water and play an important role in promoting good health. You should aim to have plenty every day. Juicing can form part of a well-balanced diet but it is important to include it alongside the other main food groups (bread/cereals, meat/meat alternatives and milk/milk products). Sometimes, people take juicing to the extreme and go on juice cleansing diets for days at a time. Some popular myths about juice cleansing are challenged below.

Sneaky Ways To Add Physical Activity To Your Day

The old adage “add years to your life and life to your years” couldn’t be truer than when it comes to physical activity. It really is worth dragging yourself off the couch for 20 minutes and getting moving. Your body will thank you. These days we don’t have the excuse of not wanting to miss our favorite TV show because you can either just record it or watch it online later on! Here are 6 ways to increase your daily physical activity:

I Really Need A Good Night's Rest!

Restful sleep is very important to our quality of life and health. But as we age, we experience changes to our sleeping patterns and we tend to spend less time in deep sleep. Older adults need just as much sleep as a younger adult, 7 to 9 hours a night. Some older adults do not get the amount of quality sleep that they need. Disrupted sleep and waking up tired every morning is not a normal part of the aging process. If you find it challenging to get a restful night’s sleep, some of the following tips can help you.

Bone-Break Risk Increases After The Age of 50 - What You Can Do To Stop It!

he risk of bone-break increases as we age making getting enough calcium extremely important. You might not realize this but once women reach the age of 50 and men 65 years old they start to experience substantial bone loss. Bone loss leads to weak bones, which can cause severe fractures. The good news is that you’re never too old to improve your bone health.So how do we make sure our bones are strong and healthy?

Let's Go Nuts For Nuts

Nuts and seeds are packed with ‘good’ oils which are very important for heart health. They are full of protein, keeping your muscles working well. Not only that, they are also packed with loads of vitamins and minerals, making them little nutrition powerhouses. We know we should eat more of them but what other ways can we get the benefits of nuts instead of just munching on them?