10 Salad Ideas For Your BBQs

We are well into summer and we've definitely had some pretty awesome days for barbecues over the last couple of months. Here's hoping for more of that fine weather for us to enjoy more barbecues, time at the beach, water and the great outdoors.

Whether you're hosting or invited to a barbecue, check out these 10 beautiful salad ideas. You might like to include one or two of them in your next barbecue:

1. Simple, light and fresh, this easy tomato, cucumber and avocado salad requires minimal prep time and no cooking required here!

Tomato, cucumber and avocado salad (Source:  greenvalleykitchen )

Tomato, cucumber and avocado salad (Source: greenvalleykitchen)

2. You will have this chickpea, avocado & feta salad prepared in no time for your barbecue. It should take around 10 minutes to prepare. All you need is to add coriander or cilantro, spring onion, lime juice and salt and pepper to flavor the salad.

Chickpea, avocado & feta salad (Source:  twopeasandtheirpod )

Chickpea, avocado & feta salad (Source: twopeasandtheirpod)

3. A simple, basic potato salad is sure to be a crowd pleaser! 

Basic potato salad (Source:  marthastewart )

Basic potato salad (Source: marthastewart)

4. A food processor or grater are good time-saving alternatives for this gorgeous beet and carrot slaw if you don't want to cut the beets and carrots by hand.

Beet and carrot salad (Source:  cookingchanneltv )

Beet and carrot salad (Source: cookingchanneltv)

5. Sundried tomatoes, black olives and balsamic vinegar... What more do you need in a summer picnic pasta salad?

Summer picnic pasta salad (Source:  pastafits )

Summer picnic pasta salad (Source: pastafits)

6. The combination of simple ingredients in this Mexican Bean Salad will be bursting with flavor!

Mexican bean salad (Source:  foodnetwork )

Mexican bean salad (Source: foodnetwork)

7. Fresh, light and beautiful - this fruit salad is just perfect for barbecues. If you cannot find all the fruit ingredients, throw in other fruits which are in season - kiwifruit, grapes, pineapples are good options.

Fruit salad (Source:  countrysidecravings )

Fruit salad (Source: countrysidecravings)

8. Isn't this Vietnamese inspired prawn and rice noodle salad a feast for the eyes?

Vietnamese inspired prawn and rice noodle salad (Source:  taste )

Vietnamese inspired prawn and rice noodle salad (Source: taste)

9. Grilled corn is a must for a barbecue, don't you think? This Avocado, Tomato & Corn Salad is described as summer in a salad, and it most certainly is!

Avocado tomato corn salad (Source:  bakeyourday )

Avocado tomato corn salad (Source: bakeyourday)

10. This Bacon Potato Salad is simply delicious with any barbecue.

Potato bacon salad (Source:  averiecooks )

Potato bacon salad (Source: averiecooks)

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