10 Easy Ways To Add More Fruit To Your Day

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Not everyone likes to cook. In fact, for some cooking can be seen as a source of stress and an absolute pain. Always dreading making a mess, injuring themselves, and wondering if they, and their kitchens, may be still standing after they've finished.

I get it, I've had my fair share of failures in the kitchen. For example, I've managed to accomplish burning my toast to the extent that a very large cloud of smoke had escaped from the toaster - thought I had 2 more minutes, I clearly did not. But even after my catastrophic cooking failure, I find myself back in the kitchen and searching healthy recipes on Pinterest. I've discovered that, as a cooking illiterate, the internet can be your best friend. It's filled with a large range of websites which contain simple and healthy ideas that makes cooking less daunting. With there being a large variety of fresh and colorful fruits in season, here are 10 super easy ways to incorporate more fruit into your diet.

1. Next time you're baking, add in fresh fruit like berries, bananas or oranges. Not only does it look and smell better, it tastes amazing too.

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2. Eating the same flavor of oatmeal every day can be quite boring, try freshening it up with a handful of berries, apples or pears. There's a large variety of flavor combinations that you can try so have fun experimenting!

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3. Nothing beats a good blueberry pancake in the morning, especially one that looks like this.You can find this delicious pancake recipe here.

Blueberry pancakes (Source:  buzzfeed )

Blueberry pancakes (Source: buzzfeed)

4. In the morning, having a glass of diluted or freshly made fruit juice can be a delicious way to boost your energy for the day.

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5. Most people think that salads can only include vegetables, that's not true. Incorporating some fresh crisp fruit like apples and pears or grapes is an easy way to add in some interesting textures and flavors.

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6. On those hot afternoons, try opting for a cold freshly-made fruit smoothie instead of a soft drink. You don't need much to make a smoothie, just a glass of skim milk and some fruit lying around in the kitchen. And if you can't finish all of it, try popping it in the freezer to make a nice fruit popsicle for later. 

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7. You could even try adding in a few slices of fresh orange or lime to your water.

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8. When you've got that craving to indulge in a sweet rich dessert, try grilling peaches, bananas or pineapples.

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9. Or just making a simple fruit salad works too!

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10. You could even have fun being creative with your grandchildren by making some funny fruit kebabs.

Fruit kebabs (Source:  musthavemum )

Fruit kebabs (Source: musthavemum)

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