Lemon and Yoghurt Custard Pots

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Lemon and Yoghurt Custard Pots (Serves 2)                                           


1/3 cup sugar

1 Tbsp. finely grated lemon zest

4 eggs

½ cup ground almonds

1 cup natural unsweetened yoghurt

1 cup unsweetened coconut milk

¼ cup lemon juice

Berries or poached fruit to serve

Optional serving extras are toasted flaked almonds or a crisp wafer biscuit


1)     Preheat oven to 160°C and boil the kettle.

2)    Put the sugar, lemon zest and eggs in a bowl and whisk together well to break up the eggs and incorporate the sugar.  Add the almonds, yoghurt, coconut milk and lemon juice and whisk again until smooth.

3)     Place individual ramekins in a high-sided baking dish and pour in the custard mixture into the ramekins. 

4)    Make a water bath by pouring hot water into the high-sided baking dish to come halfway up the ramekins.

5)     Bake for 25 minutes until just set (no wobble in the middle).  Carefully lift the ramekins out of the water bath and leave to cool before refrigerating.

Serve with chosen fruit topping.


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