Cooking For One Can Be A Breeze

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Do you sometimes find it just too hard to cook for yourself? It can be hard to get motivated to cook at times, especially if it is just for one. Preparing a healthy, balanced meal does not really require too much time in the kitchen. Here are some tips to get you started.

1. Make sure your pantry is well-stocked

When you are inspired to cook, it would be a great idea if you have most of the ingredients on hand. Try keeping your pantry stocked with canned vegetables and fruits, canned beans, pasta and rice to help you cook quick, easy and nutritious meals.

Well stocked pantry (Source:  lobsterandswan )

Well stocked pantry (Source: lobsterandswan)

2. Make a plan

Plan out your week’s menu, and write down the ingredients you need in your shopping list. This will make your shopping easier and we want to make sure you’ve got everything you need for when you are ready to cook.

Woman writing grocery list (Source: )

Woman writing grocery list (Source:

3. Prepare one pot wonders

One pot wonders are great as they require minimal cleaning up. Do you have a favorite recipe that includes meat, vegetables, and beans/whole grains? Why not try a one-pan stir-fry which includes a mixture of frozen vegetables, chicken breast slices, brown rice with your favorite dressing or how does an easy slow cook recipe with chicken, potatoes, carrots, celery and onions sound? Get more one-pot meals recipes from here and here.

One pot wonder (Source:  reluctantentertainer )

One pot wonder (Source: reluctantentertainer)

4. Cook a batch and freeze it

Try cooking a large batch of food at one go and freeze single portions so that you can have them at another time. All you need to do when you really do not feel like cooking is to get out one of the portions from the freezer and warm it up. Remember to write down the dates when you cooked them and make sure you eat them in a timely manner (within one to two months)

Cooking in batch (Source:  tumblr )

Cooking in batch (Source: tumblr)

5. Make use of your freezer

Try buying foods in bulk when they are cheaper and freeze them in small quantities so that you can use them as you need them. Buying in bulk could also save you from needing to re-visit the supermarket for ingredients. And if you do overcook or could not finish your meal, don’t throw it away. Freeze leftovers and have them another day!

Frozen vegetables (Source:  eatright )

Frozen vegetables (Source: eatright)

6. Make cooking fun

If chopping onions or washing pots is not your idea of a fun time, try to make it enjoyable. This could be listening to some music and singing along, maybe watching a bit of television or even have a chat with someone using a hands-free phone.

Lady cooking (Source:  dailymail )

Lady cooking (Source: dailymail)

7. Share a meal with a friend or family member

It is always more fun to prepare a meal knowing that you plan to share it with someone. Social contact is very important as you get older.

Friends having a meal together (Source:  fairingway )

Friends having a meal together (Source: fairingway)

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