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Eating For Menopause

Like time and tides, nothing is more certain - all women will experience menopause at some stage in their life. Symptoms vary from person to person but the most common symptoms include; hot flushes, sweating, insomnia, anxiety, poor memory and fatigue. Long term consequences linked to reduced estrogen levels can include a decline in libido, osteoporosis, heart disease and even dementia.

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I Don't Eat Dairy. How Do I Make Sure I Get Enough Calcium?

We know calcium is essential for strong bones and teeth and therefore it’s really important to get enough of it once we hit 50, but did you know that it’s also super important for healthy heart function, blood pressure regulation and has been shown to help with insulin sensitivity! The recommended daily intake of calcium for women over 50 years is 1300 mg whereas men 1000 mg (for 51-70 years) and 1300 mg (over 70 years). So if you don’t eat dairy how do you get enough? Here are 5 ways to get more non-dairy sources of calcium into your diet:

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